Barcelona Subway


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and holidays from 5.00 am to 12.00 midnight

Fridays and holiday eves: from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Saturdays and 31st Desembre, 23rd June, 24thSeptember : opens 24hrs

Sundays: from 5am to midnight.

December 24: from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Metro cards

You can buy tickets for individual journeys for the metro at  €2.00  per ticket. But if you are here for more than one day or intend taking more than 5 journeys on the metro or buses it's best to buy the T10 ticket (see below).

T10 Metro ticket
: Buying individual tickets for each journey is not economical or time effective unless you will be making only 3 journeys on public transport. Much better is to buy a T10, or the travel and discount card called the Barcelona Card.

The Barcelona card not only gives you free unlimited transport as the Barcelona Travel Card above but it also entitles you to discounts on the entrance fees to attractions, shows, restaurants and souvenir shopping etc as well.If you want  Free  unlimited number of journeys on public transport for the duration of your holiday with discounts on activities consider the Barcelona Card. It can save you a lot of bother in buying tickets and save you money.

T10 Transport Ticket

The T10 ticket (Zone 1 ticket) is another type of transport card which you can purchase at the entrance to any metro station. Unlike the Barcelona Transport Card a T10 ticket will only entitle you to 10 journeys on the metro, FGC (FGC run train lines similar to the metro around the city centre) buses, tram and RENFE all Zone 1 areas. The main city centre areas are all in Zone 1.

It is possible to buy a T10 for each of the other 6 zones however to see most of the Barcelona attractions and the city centre you only need a T10 (Zone 1) and this article it referring to this ticket.

A T10 costs only  €9.80  and will save you the trouble of buying individual tickets for each journey as well as saving you money. A normal single journey ticket costs you  €2.00  so with a T10 you save  €10.20  for 10 journeys!

T10 is valid indefinitely within a calendar year (however the card will expire one month after the new tariffs are released in January each year) and can be shared with other members of your group. Note to use the T10 for each person you have to put the card in the machine and then pull it out completely from the ticket validation machine - this will release the turnstile to allow you through. Leave the card on the machine for the next member of your group to use the T10. Each time someone in your group uses the T10 it counts as a separate journey.

You can buy a T10 from any metro stop and from the Airport at the entrance to the RENFE train. Please note that the T10 (Zone 1) is valid for journeys in Barcelona City Centre Zone 1 on the metro, FGC and TMB buses, Tram and RENFE. If you need to travel outside of Zone 1 you can buy a different T10 zone ticket that will cover you for other zones.

The T10 is valid on the RENFE train to the airport but not valid on the Aerobus (the express bus service to the airport).

A little known point about the T10 ticket. The T10 ticket can be used on more than one means of transport and all be counted as a single journey provided that your journey is less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. This means for example, you can make changes at metro stops (provided you don't leave the metro), then leave the metro and jump on a bus to finish your journey or vice versa as long as the total length of the journey is less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. NOTE you cannot re-enter the metro once you have left it - this would count as another journey.

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